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This is the extended version of the second annual Golden Gauntlet Graffiti Battle that was held in Brooklyn.
This video includes the battle & trophy. This event that pits graffiti artist against graffiti artist in an artistic competition
was sponsored by boweryboogieuncapped, Scrap Yard, Crimefaces, Universe City and SMASH Industries.
Produced by Fine Art Fotos & Video
Video by Flint Gennari
Edited by Christopher Raimonto

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New York City, On 77th Street near York Ave, construction is being done. A school and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Hospital are going up with work to be completed in Spring 2019.    Adco Electric is wiring the buildings.

McCoys VS. the HatFields

Staten Island NY. The Houses across the Street

 No it's not a ice skating ring.
 it's called the Oculus...
 and its under 4 World Trade Center, NYC.
 Still alot of work to be done before the grand opening of all the stores on Aug 16. 2016
 But it is an architectural Marvel
Fines will be $3200 per day for each unfinished store. While some are nearly done, seems to be a lot of work left to do. I can predict much over time.