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Actually Roger is a old friend from my years at B & H PHOTO VIDEO when I sold cameras to the likes of Lou Reed, Spike Lee, Andy Garcia, Cicely Tyson, David Schwinner, Harvey Keitel and ELLIOT ERWWITT.

CARMINE APPICE is a world class drummer, LED ZEPPELIN opened up for his band VANILLA FUDGE back in the day! Then he played behind ROD STEWART and in 1973 was one third of the power trio, BECK, BOGART & APPICE! I met him at the New Utrecht 63 H.S. reunion that was organized by that wonderful event planner ELLEN KRASNOFF and was celebrated in the BROOKLYN school itself! Almost 300 alumni attended and relived their memories! They were not disappointed, not only did we get treated to music and performances by the band REMINISE, the BEBOPS and EMIL STUCCHIO and the CLASSICS. Carmine himself joined in for a few songs and even Marilyn and Elvis made the scene!