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CPG Gallery Anniversary

The CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHERS GUILD was started 5 years ago by GEORGE ROOS. I was an early Vice President, maybe the first. We wanted to find exhibition spaces where we could hang work and sometimes had multiple openings per month. Our goal was simple; to bring our ART to the public AND to also help out non-profits and charities with our good will. (IE. we went into nursing homes to teach digital photogaphy etc.)
A year ago our membership which ran about 20 photographers decided to rent a space which we have turned into a gallery. It is in STATEN ISLAND NY across from SNUG HARBOR CULTURAL CENTER. It is S.I.'s only gallery devoted to Photographic images. (I did operate a photo gallery a few years ago but that is no more) This one is a co-cooperative, we are all part owners and share the expenses. It is based on and We are small but we love what we are doing. I welcome the challenge of creating new work each month to fit the theme. The current show is called "FOUND OBJECTS" and the featured member photographer is Richard Cupuozzo who has his own wall. The two images above are mine and were shot the day before they got hung.