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Both and invited Doug Gordon to teach all he knows at their region photo class.

It didn't cost to attend, IT PAID! It's always great to see how others work and Doug is a master. His studio does a thousand weddings a year, his brides get exactly what they saw in his sample albums, no matter which of his photographers shot the event. He began as a shooter in his family studio. Paying his dues using film and learning the tradition key shots. (the tradition was knowing how each piece of film was going to be used) Assisting Monte Zucker was a boost and a education in itself. I have known of Doug for years and am glad I had the opportunity to learn from him and watch him work.

Ie: he doesn't use a flash, why contaminate the natural light and the beauty that it is emanates. Shooting wide open ( 2.8 ) also helps, besides being his built in soft filter it opens up the background's dark places. This trick is something that us newspaper photojournalists have used for decades but most weddings shooters love their f/8. By developing Flo-Posing he can work fast and get in and out. No one hgets hurts. And this is so desirable on the wedding day. Yes it is a paint-by- number technique but with modern, sexy, fashionable results. By daring to be different and unique whenever possible he commands attention when he is shooting. Ie: The bride flat on her back, laying on her side or her legs up against the wall. Using negative space, cropping the the face down the middle and showing just one eye, angling the camera to create a feeling of gracefulness.

He really has thought out every shot (and actually named them down to the number of the pose) It is so important to to be designing the album as you work the day for every thing you do and decide now doesn't have to be done later. That is why he edits the shots on the job using lightroom presets to make them special. You can then present them at the wedding on a screen (or even a laptop) and for the most part have your entire editing work done before you leave the reception. Yes you had to be there to get the full effect, my advise is to always keep learning and that is why I go to my local photography organizations workshops.