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   When I found out my good friend and fellow BUCK ( Robert Cutrona was being honored with the Staten Island Community Service Award from the Staten Island Board of Realtors ( I jumped at the chance to cover it.  Bob lives and breathes our community.  He uunderstands its unique values as a place to live, work & raise families.  He is at the forefront of every major effort to improve the quality of life of this borough, for that all Staten Islanders owe him a dept of gratitude.
   If I knew about this event earlier I would of put in a bid to provide the photographic novelties giveaways
(for which they have already hired another studio)  Even though I explained how important it is to document the evening I was told that there is no budget for another photographer.  In about a second I told them I would volunteer my skills as a way to give back and thank all the Realtors who use headshots by me on their business cards.  But as it is I really wanted it to be a surprise to Bob who has tirelessly championed my work and recommended me whenever someone needs photography.