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WOW... Staten Island at the Oscars! "P.S. 22 Chorus" was amazing- At the other end of the spectrum is us-

speaking age-wise of course! No lack of talent in the "Roaring Chorus!"

"The Roaring Chorus!" is part of Creative Aging In Our Communities: The New York Libraries Project. A program of Lifetime Arts, Inc. administered in partnership with the N.Y.P.L. and generously supported by the Fan Fox & Leslie R. Samuels Foundation. The classes will focus on the fundamentals of music theory, basic harmony, ear training, chorus singing and basic harmony.  If this pilot program is successful it will be adopted in all five boroughs.

Even thought the class the class was filled to capacity and thirty people had to be turned away- I stood my ground that first day by not leaving, I stayed in the doorway, looking interested, listening and singing along until the first bathroom break came and the instructors invited me to come in and find a seat for the second hour. - I always wanted to sing, sing the songs I wrote - and while I still don't know what key I do best in, after 10 weeks of singing along in a large chorus I did get to enjoy the beautiful feeling of harmonizing and perhaps my little brain understands a little better why music is so necessarily to me personally and more importantly to the world at large.

One week we were fortunate enough to have celebrated baritone Anthony Turner inspire us all in a master class. Truth is it was quite a honor and privilege to share space with such a master musician.  He spoke of the inner strength needed to perform, the skill one must possess to project and the actuate ear needed to listen to your singing partners, the power that comes with practice, the ability to move others and thrill yourself along with the audience and perhaps even bring them to tears.  Anthony enthralled us all, teachers and students alike, we all knew that we would be very lucky indeed if we ever came close to becoming a talent like him... But truth is, a little education goes a long way... If you make it work for you... and the more you work at it... The closer you'll get to exceeding your dreams.