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Staten Island Pride held its third St. Patrick's Gay Dinner Dance at the American Cichon Post in Port Richmond.  Attending the event are from left, honorees Jim Smith, Chris Bauer, Marianne Brennick and Rosemary Palladino, founders of Staten Island Stonewall.
The Staten Island LGBT Community Center is here because of generous support from funders and donors, large and small. Every grant, contract and donation brings us a little closer to a more inclusive and just Staten Island with services and a place for everyone.  Fine Art Fotos is always invited to cover the events and print
out portraits as Gays, like everybody else, love good photography!  FAF had the pleasure of also being at the Thanksgivings Eve Hoe Down and the Gay Expo which was presented by Passages VaGaytions (Majors-Travel-on-Forest-Ave) where we set up a green screen and took the guests around the world!!