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I personally shot 3 High School Reunions on October 1, 2011.  Yes this is the busy season, the first was at the Staaten, right across from my studio and that went from noon to five.  It was an all years reunion with someone actually there from the class of 1931. While it was fun and a great bunch, it was hard to find  people who will see the images I took cause most of the answers I got were along the lines of "I don't have a computer" or "I think my son has email."   I got a little nervous toward the end when we were packing up and someone comes over and says "The class of 1951 is out in the lobby waiting to be photographed."   I knew Jack the owner wasn't going to be happy cause he's got  more parties starting and many guests arriving,  so I shoved their walkers out of the way (only kidding!) and made them smile.  We had to drive to Mawah NJ for our next one Suffern Class of 1991.   And Suffern it was as while we got some very amusing photos from these young ones, they weren't interested in buying any, no they needed their money for the bar.   
Luckily There was another Reunion in the next room.  It was Waldwick High School and I found out that they didn't have a photographer so I made myself available to them and some of them popped in my mini studio. Then they started sending out classes to be photographed and we love it when we start printing photos and it turns out to be like just like printing money.

While many people don't realize it, it is very hard for photographers to make a living these days...  We go to many of these events on speculation which means that the photography company (me) pays the 5 man crew and actually loses money if we don't produce sales.  It doesn't matter  how good the product is (and our photography and videos are among the best) sometimes all the odds are against us, 
Hotel workers, Reunion committees, DJs, even the guests sometimes get in our way and think that we are setting up these large class pictures for them.   They don't seem to care or get that we are trying to make a living (this is our day job) We don't go to their place of work and start taking over or getting in the way of the professionals.  Actually when you add it up, with us you can get fine photography, a beautiful print without go out studio and without paying a sitting fee.  We even put your party online ( for all to enjoy.  Its a lot of work but we don't mind doing it, truth is you get a very good value because we are passionate about what we do and we believe everyone deserves a great portrait!