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Lenny’s Creations builds large impressive and unique metal artwork. Artist Lenny Prince has been creating hand crafted metal sculptures for more than 20 years from his studio space in Staten Island, NY. Each one of Lenny’s sculptures is entirely hand-made and one-of-a-kind.
Lenny’s Creations would make a wonderful addition to any indoor or outdoor art collection, and they make fantastic gifts.

Lenny can create a custom-ordered piece of artwork upon request. Any size or shape can be made from your ideas or pictures.
Contact Lenny’s Creations today at 718-759-7344 to inquire about his work.

Lenny Prince is an automobile specialist and his creations are outside his shop.  You can see them when you pass by
419 Castleton Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10301 but please stop to get a closer look.
phone: 718-759-7344