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                  The lovely Pamela Coppola commands attention wherever she has the floor.
The strongest component of the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation's service menu is its membership division. SIEDC boasts over 150 members representing the borough's major financial institutions, industrial and commercial enterprises, private developers, utilities and small businesses, as well as non-profit institutions. The nine membership levels include the Board of Directors (strategy & policy), Cabinet (Board Member Training), Ambassadors (leaders championing our most high
profile projects), Executive Dining Network (our preferred venues), Business Council (exclusive industry), Building & Developers Circle (top developers), 40 Under 40 Leadership Group (future leaders) and the Women's Leadership Council (professional development).

 What goes on at one of the dining mixers?  Well alot of networking and comradeship, not as structured as a regular membership meeting but many introductions are made by the simple fact
that the attendee are made up from a cross platform of the many different SIEDC divisions.
  Those future leaders the 40 under 40 club hold court and consider it another night out to get together.

 Tonight we are at ITALIANISSIMO RESTAURANT, 107 McClean Ave and the manager Jimmy has a few tricks to show us.