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Got a close up look at one of the trucks with my photos on it when I was covering the SIEDC Green and Clean Expo at the Vanderbilt in Staten Island yesterday.  My images have been featured on billboards, buses, Ferry Ads ( ) but I've never been wrapped around a building yet, guess I don't do enough fashion work!

I was in Larry Liedys Shore Inn (one of S.I.'s oldest taverns, Madonna filmed her "Papa Don't Preach" video there) making a slide presentation for Jimmy Mack of when he received his award (and new Stratocaster from Council of the Art and Humanities on Staten Island (COAHSI)(  Phyllis Forman gave me her latest CD.  It has my photography inside and out but more important than that I must say that it is a very well produced CD with some great songs on it.  Everyone knows Queen Tipsy for their covers, they have been playing in every bar in S.I FOREVER- and it's about time they came out with a CD of all original music.  It is really refreshing to listen to and I enjoyed the textures that it weaves and I'm happy that it sounds very contemporary, maybe they can now follow our fellow Staten Islander Ingrid Michelson off the island and hit a much larger audience...
As I was putting it on my shelve something old fell off, namely one of the CDs (and cassets) I shot back in the day with chrome film.  Anyone remember Candy Sanders of  Anyone
remember chrome film?