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The PHOTO NORTH EAST CONVENTION was a great and wonderful, fun success!   No one throws a party like the photographers on the East Coast. 
They never tire of learning new trends, celebrating each others accomplishments, giving each other awards and have a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones...

This year it was held in the beautiful Woodcliff Lakes Hilton in New Jersey.

This convention was a joint venture of  the Professional Photographers Society of New York State (, Professional Photographers of Greater New York ( and Professional Photographers Association of New Jersey (   As always Leslie Meltzer the secretary of PPANJ held down the front end and if you were attending for the first time she made sure you knew of all the benefits.
Owen Kassimir made sure he was there, after all he was about to be installed as the next president of
 The chicks who click held a Ladies Brunch.

Joe Brady and his talented wife Diane Bollen had a few events up his short sleeves.  While Diane demonstrated some ways to offer clients something unique, and set your work apart from other photographers by exploring some very simple ways to use cool, affordable software products to turn your photos into a work of art. Diane will explain software, plug-ins, and techniques for use with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Elements that are fun, exciting and easy to put to use right away.
     Joe taught controlling and measuring light for great exposures and consistent results.  Really understanding light can make the difference. Using a few tools that should be in every photographer’s toolkit he discussed the how’s and why’s of light ratios and how to add just the right amount of flash off-camera to add shape and dimension to environmental portraits. Whether you are shooting in available light, with flash or a combination of both, you’ll learn tips, tricks and techniques to produce better portraits.

Consistently capturing images of children that are authentic, expressive and technically strong is often more challenging than it appears. Tamara Lackey walked you through the specifics of how she photographs sessions, including behind-the-scenes footage of actual shoots – and offered great techniques for connecting with your subjects more quickly, a significant advantage in portrait photography.
 Co-presented by Ernie Tramposch and Steve Yahr. A hands-on class with live models was held in the class studio and in the surroundings of the hotel itself.  In a small group setting, instructors will demonstrate studio portrait techniques and gave you an opportunity to try them.
 With VDSLRs being able to capture HD video with the click of a button, aren't you itching to learn about the feature and how you can use it to enhance your business?  Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams will  help you start using the video features that your cameras already have! You’ll learn how to capture, edit, produce and market fusion products
 You’ll learn how to capture, edit, produce and market fusion products (photo and video fused pieces). Rob and Vanessa will also demonstrate how video-editing can be done IN ADOBE PHOTOSHOP with their PhVusion Effects Software that you can preview here in an online tutorial:
 The trade show was packed with vendors from all over the country and we can always count on Kathy Biegel from  Album Epoca to add some color to the already festive atmosphere.

Tim and Chris Riley are leading the way into the future by cutting your time and workflow in half!!
Sometimes all we need is to shake up our routine. We invite you to experience Adobe’s Lightroom and the power it has to offer to help you edits your photographs so you can keep doing what you love – taking more! This workshop is for the newbie as well as those already using Lightroom. We are hoping to teach you new tricks and offer a fresh perspective.  They invented a keypad system of shortcuts that really work...
The whole convention is build upon the realization that we can learn from another, introduce newer photogs to the foundations and history of this great art and move with the technology that is advancing faster than ever....   If you want to be a working photographer, you have to hop on!
There were many more teachers and master photographers that had a hand in making this convention a success.   Please go to to get the fuller picture.
   Let us also thank the behind the scene mafia for orchestrating this venture...  See you next year!