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I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a FED-EX from CARTIER last week.  It was a beautifully designed and crafted invitation inviting me to the opening reception of an exhibit about the 70's (photos by Aldo Cipullo) of course their finest new Jewelry was on display and everything was showcased magnificently.  Its all about the presentation and no one knows that better that CARTIER! 
The works of art were on the wall and in the cases.
  All the beautiful people were there but I was not invited because I am rich or famous, a few years ago I was tapped to to have my work exhibited at their wonderful museum in Paris, the Fondation-CARTIER pour l'art Contemporain, not only was it an honor but I will never forget the A-List treatment I was accorded with among other amenities my stay in the four star hotel facing the Louvre and the Arch D Triumph. Visit my post from 2009 to get an idea of what I am talking about...  

Lou Reed, the Velvet Underground singer and musician who was a favorite of Andy Warhol. ( I haven't photographed him since his "Rock and Roll Animal" tour in the 70s.  (but I did sell him a camera when I worked at in the '90s) 
It was certainly a Hollywood type event with a red carpet leading up to the Fifth Ave store and a photo op inside (I counted over ten photographers, me, I just brought my point and shoot LOL!)
My friend Eddie Rodriguez was with his wife Lenore, you might know him as SNAKE ONE.  he's another one from my circle who had a little bit to do with the history of NEW YORK CITY.   (,