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A Taste of Honey, the chameleon of the catering world.
Our talented kitchen crew can prepare a gourmet cocktail party on a yacht,
and the next day execute a company picnic for 1,000.
Our family of chefs, waiters, bartenders, and planners can walk your family through all your celebrations.
Christenings in our banquet hall, graduation parties in our cottage,
family reunions under the pavilion, or weddings in one of our many off site venues.
Call the office today 718-983-0464 to see how easy party planning can really be.
Don’t forget to ask about our allergy sensitive menus and our regional specialties.
The owner of, Evelyn Rogers is a very good friend of mine
who I have known for years and we recommend each other all the time.
 Deanna is so happy that today is her Birthday, Sweet 16 comes around only once in every girls life...  Her friends will be here soon.
Her Mom made everything and boy are we going to have fun!

Thanks Mom, it all looks so delicious!