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NYC. Second Saturday Staten Island is a monthly art walk including gallery openings and cultural events taking place in public spaces, popup galleries, restaurants, cafes, artist studios and apartments around the island's North Shore.  The photographer/graffiti artist FLINT... was asked to keep his photo essay of the  of the "Teddy Atlas Boxing Ring in the Clifton Projects" up for another month at 60 Bay Street Gallery.  He was also allowed to bring more work to fill out the walls...  And so he did! 
Here is the two person band "Cadre of Two" providing the entertainment. (Dennis green on guitar)
Hiroko Otani performing in front of Ed Davin's colorful piece.
Artwork always provides a great backdrop for musicians.  Here Hiroko Otani plays in front of Ed Davins Black and White Piece.

The artist Antonio De Santis in front of Joyce Goldstein's Painting "Italian Gothic"
One of Antonio's paintings.
The artist Lorenzo.
Jean Michel Basquiat's best freind Al Diez (and SAMO writing partner) came to enjoy the work.
 On the right is an example of what I used to do with subway posters etc. IE: recycle, reclaim, reuse and make them my own...
Some examples of my LIGHT PAINTINGS ( not done with PHOTSHOP but with slide film...)
Even my name on the wall is completely done with light!   It did take one hour and it would of been faster to just spray paint there.  LOL!   Tracy's great stencil of John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix, heros to us all!
A photo of my writing partner Chad (LSD3om to you) from back in 1973 after we formed THE REBELS...
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