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Gagosian Gallery is a contemporary Art Gallery owned and directed by Larry Gagosian. There are currently eleven gallery spaces: three in New York; two in London; one in each of Beverly Hills, Rome, Athens, Paris, Geneva and Hong Kong.   Tonight at his 25th Street location is celebration the art and life of Jean-Michel Basquat.
I was invited to attend the opening by my High School classmate Rosemarie Traina-Moreno and little did I know another classmate from Art & Design, Diana Jazz Perez would join us. She is one talented songbird.
  Albert Diaz the other half of the SAMO graffiti team was there.  Al was responsible for introducing Basquiat to thinking about doing graffiti to promote themselves and that is how he first got noticed.  Even Andy Walhol appoved.   Al was a hugh fan of my writings and together he and Jean-Michel continued the tradition.   Search FLINT GENNARI GRAFFITI SONG on to see my interview with AL called the THE SAMO STORY.