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 Staten Island Photographer/Artist Flint Gennari is participating in the St. George's Theatre's "Night of Island Originals" on Saturday April 13, 2013
His artistic renderings of local musicians including Queen Tipsy, Joan Caddell, Karlus Trapp, Pupa Santiago, Glen Cutrona, Wafoo, John Castellano, Jimmy Mack and Kama Linden etc  will be on display in the lobby and mezzanine of the theatre. Flint will also be giving out free CDs of his music.  Performing live will be Queen Tipsy, Joan Caddell's Midnight Choir and the Karlus Trapp Band.  Flint Gennari, a member of the Staten Island Rotary and the Bucks Business Network has been active in the Art Scene lately by donating his Artwork to raise funds for the State board park on Front Street and the Alice Austen House on Hyland Bvd. His next exhibit will be at the end of April in California's Loakal Gallery under the direction of the celebrity Patty Astor. 
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