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There are a few perks to being an international artist, usually the gallery or museum picks up all costs for transportation and lodging and if that is not the case then I just inquire ahead to seek a place to stay.  Without fail and no matter what part of the world I am heading to, there are folks willing to put me up.  I love having access to peoples lives and in return I make new friends and photograph their lifestyle.

 Bama Arml (UGA & Ex Vandals) and Sane Smith who did that piece on the BROOKLYN BRIDGE!
 Chad (LSDom) and Bama
 Johnny Crunch relaxing in his house
 Graffiti Legends Smith, Bama, LSDom, Crunch & Flint Dot Dot Dot

 Goodbye my friends,                                               Now how and when did that get there!?!