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Thanks to the internet, I'm not as busy photographing reunions! Seems like people are finding their old friends online and connecting more and more outside of reunions. Case in point 3 0r 4 years ago I did 65 reunions the next year it dropped to 45 and since then I've been doing about 20 a year. They are still happening but when there are only 25 attendees showing up it's not worth it for me. These are the kind of events that we set up a small studio, try to photograph every living body, show 'em how great they look, take their money and print out on site. Everyone goes home happy and these kind of parties are so much fun to do! It's all done really fast but If I can shoot you, I can sell you! Here's some pics from a ten year reunion, these days I'm doing more 50 year reunions, seems alot of those attendees don't know how to use the internet!