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When I feel creative, I grab my QUANTUM Q Flash, some colored gels, maybe some flashlights and take off looking for someplace dark where I can light things with my own colors!! I enjoy the spontaneous nature of this art and working with what is before me. When the exposure ranges anywhere from 5 minutes to one hour, it's hard for me to find a subject who will sit for me twice, BUT I have had some incredible luck with finding the image in one take! (Before I went digital it would take weeks to finish a roll, then get it developed and wait to see the results!) Sometimes my subjects are total strangers on the street who happen to ask me what I am doing (I.E. THE PROPOSAL) I know there are plenty of folks out there who say why bother at all because with PHOTOSHOP these things can be done much faster but there is a certain satisfaction in putting your skills and experience into play!