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With a sad heart I note 2008 as the year Cornell Capa no longer walks the earth. many photographers influenced me but it was Cornell I had the most contact with as a young student at the newly opened INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY. We lost his brother Robert Capa in 1964, who I knew of first and who meant so much to me. Another war photographer Larry Burrows lost his life when his helicopter was attacked over Laos in 1971.

I was honored to meet Eugene Smith while he was working on his Minamata Exhibit at I.C.P.

(among his contributions was raising the art of the photographic essay to unequalled heights)

One can never say enough about Gordon Parks who lived from 1912 to 2006. I first learned of him in the first or second grade when I read over and over an illustrated coloring book about his life! Each one of them a master, an artist, a recorder of their times who left behind images that help us better understand life on this planet!