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Introducing celebrates the artwork & clothing designs of 3 true pioneers of Street Art;
TRACY 168, FLINT... and TAKI 183.
Our first collection comes from the house of ideas Mr. TRACY 168 himself (who invented the term 'WILDSTYLE' which is so assimilated into our society that PEPSI-COLA had a special 'WILDSTYLE' Can and many other companies use the name including the popular cultural film. These limited edition Tees and Hoodies are the Real McCoy, now you can own a piece of True Originial Graf Artwork on gear, priceless work from from streetwear innovator T168!
Each T-Shirt is made from the finest materials and all sizes are available. Yours for $35 and up. Own rare Limited Edition Art with Newfukin York City fashion... Call 718 273 2130 to order and visit for the history of these artists and more...