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The image above is titled "Alter Ego" and was in the "Looking Out, Looking In" show in Staten Island December 2009. For years I wanted to find a way to combine my art with my photos but never acted on it. Until I was forced to recently. After I submitted a framed photo to a local gallery for their upcoming exhibition, I got a call that the image has slipped in the frame. When I arrived at the gallery, the painter Jenny Tango ( excitedly told me how much she like the fact that I didn't do the "tradition photo centered in the middle of the matt thing and broke some rules by having the image angled the way it is." The curator Susan Grable ( wanted me to re-frame the work and I admitted that it DID look like it the photo slipped in the frame. BUT my mind was working to make the work of art even better! Susan called two days later and was waiting for my artwork. I told her just like my life, it was unfinished! You can't force creativity but I did just enough to make it look complete, I think it will be the start of a whole new line of products. You pick the image of mine that you want and I'll draw freehand around the photo in my own intricate style. I promise it will be interesting and an investment that you will love. Starting at 999.99 for a 16x20 (total area) ready to be framed, these works of art are one of a kind and you get both original photo and original art!