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The Fondation-Cartier is housed in a airy building filled with light that was designed by the architect Jean Nouvel. In this unique setting, exhibitions, conferences and artists productions come to life. (
The Exhibit itself was a joy to behold- a collection of street art from the far corners of the world...
My contribution was my black / white project called "Just Writing On Walls"
with images from the chapter " A Day In The Life" which followed FLIP 1 & DIME 139 (President of Soul Stoned Brothers ) as they tore up NEW YORK CITY back in 1974. I made a movie back then and it was broadcast on the Channel 7 Graffiti Special (ABC Network) with Roger Sharp doing the narrating.

The most important aspect of the show in Paris for me was sharing space with the great artist Jean-Michel Basquiat ( whom along with my classmate (and fan) Al Diez took my idea of writing sayings (with the three dots) and brought it to a new location (Downtown NYC). That placed him where he needed to be to be seen and propelled him to the next level.  See my interview with Al Diez on "The Samo Story" or visit for the compressed version