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We are proud to present the first showcase of our sponsors and partners that will help us produce the WORLDWIDE URBAN ARTS FESTIVAL at the Five Points, Queens May 22-23, 2010.

The NycArtsCypher is a nonprofit organization that is committed to promoting positive values through arts and entertainment programs, projects and events.
They are about keeping young people, in particular at-risk youth between the ages 14 to 18 off of the streets and introduce them to safe, creative environments. The youth in their programs are often those who many have difficulty working with and many have given up on. The NycArtsCypher believes that every young person has the potential to make significant contributions to the community and deserves the opportunity prove that they can.
Their approach is to motivate young people to utilize their energies in positive and productive ways. They believe these young people need to be educated, and they need access to outlets to express themselves, developing their talents. They need to be around industry professionals and mentors that know how to engage and guide them. The NycArtsCypher program model accomplishes this through arts and entertainment programs, projects and events. While their headquarters is located in Staten Island,
NYC, USA They can and do travel all over.