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Everyone wants a GOOD photographer- but the BEST might not be out of reach-

Please let me know what your budget is. Call 718 273 2130 and talk to a live person-ME!-

one who understands these tough economic times. We have a package where you can hire a great photographer for the night at a very reasonable rate and he will not only completely cover your event BUT actually add to the festivities by setting up a mini studio and make professional portraits of everyone who wants one! There is no obligation and if the guest wants to go home with the image, they can pay for it and it will be printed out that night.

On Friday we were at T.J. Byrnes, an Iris Bar and Party room in downtown Manhattan.

It was a surprise retirement party for Sheila and everybody raved about us- including the owners... For a good time, please visit them every time you are in NYC.