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As soon as I walked out of Woodcliff Hilton in Woodcliff Lakes NJ at 5 am, I saw what was missing from my life for so long- the chasing after the blue, as I used to call it...  the wonderful electric blue sky that happens for about 20 minutes about a hour before dawn.   We, the members of Joe Brady's sunrise excursion were about to get in our cars to travel to the Ramapo Reservation.  Fighting the cold, we set up tripods and captured the first rays of  of the sun.  It was a good excuse to get up early.

Photo North East was born out of the need to get more attendees and more vendors at the Annual Photo Conventions.  It is a opportunity to share knowledge and learn the lastest techniques from masters in the field.  The Professional Photographers Society of New York State, Professional Photographers of Greater New York and Professional Photographers Association of New Jersey came together and joined forces so instead of different conventions there is now one joint entity. 
 My first class was amazing, tips on Photoshop and Lightroom by Tim and Chris Riley, the creators of the RPG KEYPAD.  Did they say,
"Cut time in front of a computer in half!?!"   YES, I knew I was going home with one of those keypads.
Visit and find out how.
Stacy Evans of was just one of the over 50 venders who supported the PNE convention, with over 800 attendees it was a win-win situation as the powers-that-be made sure we visited every booth by providing us all with a form that had to be stamped  by every company, then it could be entered in a drawing for a free Apple Ipad!

 Jaron Horrocks of taught a class on taking your images to the next level and inspired us all with new ideas and techniques that will add to our own personal style.
Jared Bauman did a great job of explaining the ins and outs of putting your business on auto-pilot for a six figure income.

 Top professionals Jason Groupp, Michael Grecco, Neal Clipper and Tom Contrino were on a panel discussion talking about "What's next?"

Doug Gordon is always a crowd pleaser and never dissapoints.
If you don't know who he is or what he does, visit 
or his wedding site

This are the guys and gals from the Professional Photographers of Greater New York, I have been a member since 1985.
I believe to better oneself, one must learn and THEN change for the better!

As it turns out I won the Apple Ipad.  Some people think I come to these conventions just to win (last year I won a Sony A550 camera and lens kit)   Truth is it's not easy paying off everyone cause every year they want more and more!  ONLY KIDDING!  But I am real excited, so far my life with computers has been
all based on PCs so now I can start getting in on the real action!!
I wanted to see one close up so I went to the source, the wonderous and beautious Vicki of Hudson Valley, she has had her Ipad longer than anyone else I know.
My class with her didn't last too long, after all school was out and this was a party!

We played music again this year but I made sure I got back to my room at a decent hour, I didn't want a repeat of last year- (Even though I don't think my roomate would mind, LOL)

             NO, that's not my room, and Emily is NOT my roomate, Goodnight and see you next year.