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Hey, it's raining and snowing today, what gives? Isn't this April!?! I remember on this date in 2000, it snowed and the joke was on me, I was set for my Artist Talk Walk-Around in the Artist Access Gallery at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art on the grounds of the Snug harbor Cultural Center. This 83-acre property is home to New York City’s first designated landmarks, which are considered the finest example of Greek revival architecture in America. Snug Harbor is not only one of the most historically significant sites in the country, it is a place where history, architecture, the visual and performing arts, all come together and the museum is a distinguished Smithsonian Affiliate. Founded in 1977, (the same year I started my 10 year project) the Newhouse Center for the Contemporary Art is dedicated to presenting and showcasing local and international artists working in a variety of media. It was a wonderful exhibit, I printed 50 11x14s of a photo essay called "The Etching Room". Probably my finest documentary work, even got a write up in New York Magazine. But snow in the morning and people starting calling to send their regrets, canceling their plans for the ferry trip to Staten Island. No one wants to come to S.I. anyway. Sad but true, still I had a great time with the locals who showed up. It was catered and I did a slide show presentation of my newer more colorful work, thanks for coming if you were there.