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Glen V. Cutrona Associates - Cached
. Glen V. Cutrona Associates. 80 Lincoln Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306. Tel: 718-980-5080 Fax: 718-980- ..   Long time BUCKS BUSINESS NETWORK member Glen V. Cutrona had a mixer at his newly designed and constructed building and it was a fitting testament to his excellent skills as a master architect as the beautifully laid out space lended itself  perfectly to the party ambiance.
 While there was food, drinks and plenty of chatter upstairs, those down below were treated to a Concert Royale  with none other than Jimmie Mack and Glen Cutrona himself on guitars!   It was quite a show and after the performance we talked about memories of when Jimi
Hendrix played Daytop Village in Staten island and what he was wearing and driving and then Jeff Beck jammed with him!!! 
Personally I was overjoyed that I finally got to catch the talented Glen play as it is always wonderful to adsorb live music of this caliber.  Jimmie Mack will be honored this year on Thursday, October 20, at Snug Harbor's Great Hall. by the Council of the Arts and Humanities on Staten Island.  (   Contact for tickets to that.