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I found out about the free workouts that NEXT LEVEL PERFORMANCE (
 is having every Saturday 9am at Wolf's Pond Park by researching the SPARTAN RACES ( which I am considering entering.  Like most people I am guilty of paying for a gym, going for a few months and then finding other things to do with my time.    NOW it seems that all the exercise I get is the sit-ups I do each morning and that is because I know without them I will suffer back-aches!   I learned much by listening to what Juan Becerra 917 922 8513 had to say and I printed it below. 

A lot of us tend to think of exercise as a means to lose weight. We forget that exercise has many benefits beyond the obvious weight loss. In a CDC study, it showed that poor diet and lack of exercise caused 400,000 deaths in 2000, 33% more than in 1990. Tobacco related deaths jumped by 9%. The gap between smoking related deaths and deaths due to lack of exercise/ poor diet is actually closing up. I personally find this quite alarming.
It is also important to remember that regular exercise is not a fad, but a way of life. This means that we need to understand that exercise needs to be a part of our weekly routine just like eating and sleeping. The benefits of exercise are there as long as we keep doing it, and we lose the benefits within a few months of stopping exercise.
Here are 8 health benefits we get beyond weight loss:
1. Reduction in coronary heart disease -Exercise helps to lower the “bad” cholesterol(LDL and TG) and increase the “good” cholesterol(HDL). This shift in ratio of good and bad cholesterol helps to reduce the blockages in the arteries. Exercise in combination with a good diet and basic supplements like Omega 3 fish oils, Vitamin C and E can actually reverse or reduce coronary artery blockages.
Exercise also helps to reduce blood pressure and is the mainstay of treatment for borderline high blood pressure. Borderline high blood pressure is defined as a systolic blood pressure of 120 – 139 and diastolic of 80 – 89. Aerobic exercise is the most effective for reduction of blood pressure.
2. Increases lung capacity- Exercise increases the body’s ability to use oxygen effectively. The heart and lungs function more effectively as a unit. Another point is that exercise increases the number of mitochondria in the cell unit.  Mitochondria are the power source in the cell. They produce energy. So, more mitochondria means more energy.
3. Prevention of Osteoporosis -Strength training exercises and weight bearing exercises help to build stronger bones. These exercises help to increase bone density due to the stress that is applied to the bones. This actually brings us back to the principle of “what you don’t use, you lose”.  The body tends to strengthen the bones to be able to withstand the stress on it. Whereas, if no exercise is done, the bones tend to weaken. Weight bearing exercises include walking, running, cycling.
4. Reduction of Type 2 Diabetes – The incidence of type 2 diabetes is less in people who regularly exercise. Also, the blood sugar control is better in diabetics who do regular exercise. Exercise helps to increase insulin sensitivity, thereby decreasing insulin resistance which is the main cause of type 2 diabetes. More will be discussed in further articles on Diabetes.
5. Increase in muscle strength and flexibility -Strength training makes a person stronger and more able to carry heavier loads due to the increase in muscle tissue. It also gives more flexibility to the joints, while increasing stability. This makes the person less prone to falls. As many of us know, one of the main problems in the elderly is fractures of the hip bone or neck of the femur following a fall. This is usually due to a combination of instability, frailty and osteoporosis. The sequelae of these falls are rarely good. The patients tend to be bedridden. They develop bed sores and a host of other problems, including pneumonia and ultimately death.
6. Reduce risk of osteoarthritis in weight bearing joints - Exercise helps with weight control. A smaller body frame generally puts less strain on the joints and therefore the “wear and tear” on the joints is less.
7. Exercise helps with mood control and reduces depression – Exercise releases endorphins – which are also known as the Happy Hormone. It helps to elevate mood.Other substances like serotonin and norepinephrine are also released. These hormones help to reduce depression. Another effect commonly seen is better sleep and many people have found their cure for their insomnia through exercise.
8. Improved sex life – Last but not least, exercise also helps with the release of testosterone hormones. It reduces the incidence of erectile dysfunction in men.
Now that we have an idea of the benefits of exercise, how much exercise do we need in a week? The CDC has set out a guideline:
For adults – who are fit and have no limiting health condition.
150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity every week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity every week or an equivalent mix of moderate and vigorous physical activity every week AND muscle strengthening exercises 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups ( legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms).

Next Level Performance (NLP) is an old school, no BS gym located in Staten Island at 15 Industrial Loop. 917 922 8513
Our gym is not equipped with fancy equipment, machines or juice bar. This isn’t LA Fitness, NYSC, Intoxx or Dolphin where people go and hop on the bike or elliptical machine while watching TV.
NLP is not a Franchise.
Functional Movement and Performance is the emphasis of our training. All of our workouts produce scores and your work capacity is thus observable, measurable and repeatable. Sweat angels and whiteboard scores do not last forever. Please make sure you are filling out your scores for your workouts in the comments box on the website so you can beat it next time! We’re always looking to get better. Keep track of your time on all of your ROD’s. We are a timed based exercise gym. Everyone should document their scores in the comments box. This allows people to see their progress in black and white and can always refer back to their scores to measure personal improvements. They are also a great tool to help us scale and adjust your workouts properly and to know what weights to use when we are lifting heavy. They serve as a motivational tool as well; no one wants to look at their scores and see that they haven’t been improving regularly. This will serve to drive & motivate you to keep up with your schedule. Additionally they will help you to set personal goals for your lifts and RODs.
We offer kick ass strength training in small group sessions.  Our members are every day people who are looking to get away from boring & inefective workouts at local gyms and get in the best shape our their lives. 
If your looking for a gym with a unique atmosphere, motivated trainers and members, energy,   pumping music and with a training program designed to get results….  it’s time to train at Next Level and become a member of our awesome community.
Start training today and start building bad ass muscle, endurance and  brute strength.

 Any athlete on any team should be working out at NXT LEVEL PERFORMANCE, it only makes sense.   Today it's not enough to just make the team but congrats are order for that too but one should excel and be their best.  For myself I am happy just to be fit and in shape.  This workout knocked me out about half way though and it took me a real long time to catch my breathe and I didn't even think I would be able to pick up my camera with the 300 mm lens but I did and I will be back next week for another round.  Let your body be your Temple.